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Thermal Imagery (Infrared) Non-Destructive Testing

Our company utilizes thermal imagery. This technology creates a means for assessing system conditions and/or components by capturing thermal signatures for analysis. Understanding thermal properties of system components yields a dynamic means to quickly assess conditions not visually detectable. The IR image illustrates an anomaly in an electrical distribution panel with temperatures exceeding the wire's insulation thermal capacity. This anomaly captured by Don Johnson a TRI-IR Thermographer. This  issue is visually undetectable.  


The Property Condition Assessment - Inspection Process

Whenever there is transition or change there is emotion of excitement, apprehension and stress. Property acquisition, problems or modifications are no exception. A component of the TRI-IR business model is to assistance in due diligence, providing an objective look at a properties condition. With this, it is our position to bring information to the client thereby boosting comfort and confidence to the overall decision-making process. TRI-IR certainly would love to be a team member in your due diligence process 


Why Should You Engage TRI-IR?

TRI-IR as a company is highly qualified in assessment of property, building envelopes, and associated systems. We possess the equipment, experience and technical knowledge backed with formal education to accomplish desired results. Whether we meet as a result from an online search or a referral, it is important to communicate so as to discover your concerns and obtain your goals. This communication positions us to provide you, our client, a meaningful outcome. Contact us today to engage our services so we can begin working for you.   

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